Thursday, January 15, 2009

No. 19

Greetings once again my fine readers. I am doing well. I just enjoyed my first official meal. Well, that sounds like I haven't been eating the last week, but what I meant is, I actually went to the CityMarket, got food, and cooked real food and not PB and J's. I made a mixture of ground beef (from Rob, Steph, and Mom) and used various spices along with green and red peps, onions, and shrooms for a nice robust meaty/veggie taste. And of course to top it off, I got some homegrown corn from Indiana (which I brought along) for a nice yellow additive to the meal.

Hard to believe, but tomorrow will mark 1 week since I've been here! Time is ticking and I can't stop it; nor do I want to. Today in the lab was a fun day. We (Scott and I) had a cancer patient/survivor in for a FC test (Functional Capacity). We did gas analysis as well as HR (heart rate) BP (blood pressures), and RPE (ratings of percieved exertion-very much a mental assesement of the activity). The patient did well and we are hoping to offer more such services to any such patients residing in the Gunnison Valley.

The lab is slowly picking up pace. I have scheduled 2 clients to come in for testing in the next 2 coming weeks so I hope that will continue to increase. I am working, or about to start assembling, a write-up for getting corporations in Gunnison (banks, businesses, etc) into the lab for some competitive co-worker vs. co-worker testing. This in turn could lead to me gaining clients with whom to work with outside of the lab at a fitness club-increasing their fitness/health levels. Like I said though, it's all on my shoulders to develope a write-up/game plan/program that will get people from the community into the lab. So that's on the plate, as well as putting together an Ultra-Eudurance Summer Training Camp at the college for this July perhaps. Much to do; goals are set. Time to go about meeting them.

The apartment as you can see in the above pictures is all set up now. I finished it last night (Wednesday). I still am slow to make new friends. I have met a small number of students and all have been quite nice, though I don't see them outside of the lab-so my nights are spent entertaining myself. Although, I started playing in the competitive hockey league here in town. I play on Monday and Wednesday nights. Good stuff. They have an outdoor rink here as well as an indoor one. The single digit temperatures make for nice solid ice. I like it, compared to the softer, warmer ice back home.

I'm only getting comments from one person (Thanks Marge), I'd love to hear from more people. I know this isn't very personal, and that I am reaching a larger number of people by writing for you all to read; but, if you write me I will write you back. Think it over. Let's talk soon.

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