Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's Deal

Hello. Apparently more people read my blog than I know. Great to hear! My apologies to those that don't get noticed, I always appreciate hearing from you the readers.

So I took my placement exam today for the 2010 Census. I got 25 out of 28 correct. An 89%, not too bad, but I should of done better. I did do the practice test ahead of time. Oh well. I won't know for a couple weeks if I will be hired. The waiting game...gotta love it.

I have decided to take pictures of around town for you people to see. Each time I walk somewhere (which is about everyday), or run I decide that I like this town more and more. Granted it's small and there are not many jobs, etc. but it has character! Even when I walk downtown at night I can look up and see stars, not too much light pollution here. Ahhhhhh. I'm looking forward to the other seasons...especially spring and summer!

For those who haven't heard, which is probably most of you, I plan so far to stay here until Spring of 2010. Reasoning is that when I would finish here this December I would probably have trouble finding a Graduate program to take on a new Graduate Assistant (GA) for a spring semester. So my thought is, start applying this fall for a GA position slated to start Summer 2010. So far I'm looking at Wake Forest or Appalachia State-both of which are in Mid/Western North Carolina. Whoop Whoop. Who knows what could occur from now till then, but it's good to have goals set ahead of myself and strive towards them.

Why Wake and Appalachia? Well, Scott got his Master's degree at Wake and has contacts there and Appalachia State is known for putting out good research-a sign of determined professors. I really have no clue what the people/professors at these schools are like (at least Appalachia) but it's worth a looksie.

In other news, I am on Skype now ( My username is alsmithskypes. If you have Skype and would like to chat, I am online almost all the time-except when I am out of the apartment. Evenings work great! If you don't have Skype and would like to download it, you can do so for free at the link provided 3 lines above. All's you need is an internet connection and a microphone.

Let's see what else...

I am planning to go skiing on Saturday! Yay. It will be my first downhill skiing experience in Colorado. I will see how my Pennsylvania upbringing in Skiing handles these real mountains.

I have befriended some more folks and tomorrow evening along with Scott and Liz I will be going to a informal dinner/pre-race gathering at one of the lecturer's house from the college whose name is Becky. I met here as well as her and Scott and Liz's friend Jessie at Scott and Liz's' house last weekend. Very fun people...a little bit older than me but good to be around adults close to my age. Should be fun.

Otherwise, I am planning tentatively to come home around the 9th or 10th of April in time for Easter. Not 100% sure yet, but it's a plan. That about does it for now. Stay warm PA-ya wimps! Haha. Just kidding:) Ttys (talk to you soon)
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