Thursday, January 8, 2009


Greetings from Loveland, Colorado! Today I crossed into the land known as Colorado; home of the Rockies amongst other great things. My first impression was suprising because I thought I would immeditiely see mountains and be in aw; but, it took the better part of the evening till I arrived here in Loveland until I saw the Rockies. Lets just say, once I finally got to see them I was amazed. If you would like to look on a map, I came in on Interstate 76 from Nebraska and then headed West on Route 14 towards Windsor and then on to Loveland.

The mountains at first were just clouds and I was really wondering when they would appear. As the clouds across the horizon got closer the further West I headed, I realized that they weren't just clouds but mountains! Haha, ohh entertainment.

So, tonight I am staying my last night on the road and I am very grateful to be staying with my cousin Renee (who is the sister of my other cousin Lory-whom I stayed with last night). So this has been a tour of country side with a touch of family visiting-both of which I enjoy.

When asked if I was bored with the road I reply 'no,' because around every turn (well to be politically correct about the landscape out here) over every little rise in the road I see new territory I've never seen before and because of such, the entertainment is endless.

As you may know, tomorrow marks the last and shortest day of traveling. I will be finally reaching my destination in Gunnison! Whoop whoop. I have been checking the weather right now in the area I will be traveling to, and hopefully I will get into town before the snow hits.

Keep me in your thoughts as I make my final push. It may be a few days till I update again as I will need to get my computer set up and everything, but I promise you I will splurge much more about my impressions of traveling West once I have more time on my hands. Also, I have been taking lots of pictures so I will be posting those as well. Catch ya'll on the flip side!

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