Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello. Sorry to leave you with a dismal post last time. It becomes hard sometimes as we all may know and I thank the people that were encouraging of my "struggle." I have not found anything new yet, but I am placing a call first thing Monday morning to the Colorado Springs 2010 Census Bureau office to see if I can land a j0b doing such. This idea was brought to my attention by Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bob. I have hope in this possibility.

Like last time, things continue to pick up in the Lab. I am working hand-in-hand with some of Scott's students and from there they are starting to seek me out for help in studying/learning of new subject material. Finally, I am useful! Haha, I always have been but it feels good to connect and assist others.

A short post I know, but I am getting ready to go running again with Scott and Liz. I am adapting to this high altitude better and better each day. Gotta work it out. I'm planning to run in a 25k trail race in May so I gotta be tip top. Take care and hope to hear from you guys (any and all of you) soon!
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