Friday, January 2, 2009

No. 12

Oh boy, well its now Friday and the weekend will go fairly quick-at least tomorrow because it's going to be a social day for me. For those that are attending my going away party at Steph and Robs' house, I look forward to seeing you there. 6-7pm. 210 Concord Street, Indiana, PA!

Come Sunday night/Monday morning I should about have everything boxed up and ready to load the U-haul come Monday night. I'm neither nervous nor excited. I'm just here and now. Said my good-byes today to the other employees of Gatti Pharmacy. I will miss that job. 7 years I worked there...which is the longest I've ever held a job. Anyways, about that time to say the rest of my good-byes the next few days. To not say good-bye is to admit that I'm not leaving so therefore I must because I will be gone for a number of months; and perhaps it is possible that I may never see some people again.

Well, see some of you tomorrow and the rest of you I wish you well if I don't see you.
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