Friday, May 18, 2012

Here Comes Everyone


Here comes everyone, 
Lining up with bucks and ask for phantom consolation prize, oh 
Here comes everyone 

Blunted, bleached and massed produced 
It's amazing what we can get used to 
What will we say, when our children ask, 
"What have you done? You've gone and used up all the fun" 

Oh, yeah, we're only treading water 
Whether yours or whether ours 
Yeah, we're all in the gutter 
But some of us are looking at the stars 

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Here comes everyone, 
Conductor-less runaway train and 
Only have ourselves to blame for it 
Here comes everyone 

Fast food fed and god fearing 
All panic and alarms, alarming 
What if everyone simultaneous disobeys? It aint a game if no one plays, oh 

Yeah, we're only treading water 
Whether yours or whether ours 
Yeah, we're all in the gutter 
But some of us are looking at the stars. 
Oh, here comes everyone 
Here comes, 
I come, 
Here comes... 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild in Freedom

I feel wild lately. This flooding feeling of freedom has captivated me. I am living life as a free anomaly; spaciously robust. This is a contrast to the serious relationship with another person I just knew a few weeks ago.

Why is it that I feel better in singleton than I did in a relationship? Are there personality traits about me or my psyche that express themselves most when I'm free? Is it my Ego that desires freedom; could its interest in self  first cause me to seek what I then perceive to desire? 

Questions and answers, like freedom and security - complementary - though, best when mixed together. Patience...perhaps this is something I have built a tolerance and appreciation for, but I'm still impatient when it matters most: sharing my life with another.

Although, what is it about the intoxicating juice of freedom that keeps me coming back for another sip, another gulp? Surely, I can peer back through time's lens and see how I had a unique chance to practice and commit to selfless expression; so, what is it that holds me back? Will I overcome my desires for personal freedom in life enough to share with another? Perhaps the meeting of another who values freedom selfishly like I will make for an understanding of those like us. Perhaps not.

Hmmm....I think upon this, but not for too long; the moments for life and living are beyond these digitally-expressed thoughts. Thus, I shall readily embrace them. Spiraling out...finding comfort and inner peace amongst the alluring chaos of life. Wild in Freedom. 

Where will the spiral lead? I must trust in the process of Life to know...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perfection lies underneath our earthly stuff

As I walk outside on a day of sunshine intermixed with clouds, I look upon the various colored houses lining the paved streets. These permanent structures that house so much of the stuff people have accumulated throughout their lives - regardless if they are older or younger.

I gaze into the garages, the yards, the dark recesses and wonder if that is something I'll ever have: more stuff than I know what to do with? To me at this point in my life, I see these items and an association of weight, heavy anchors on large ships, is what I imagine. I feel drawn to more of a life of simpleton; like some I know, who can pack all their belongings in their 2-door cars and drive down the road; free, mobile.

Again, why own so much, only to in turn be burdened by our weighty possessions?

I read a quote today: "Don't be possessed by your possessions." (Lisl Steiner)
Will this happen to me? Will I be possessed by what it is I own?

I already can see this to be somewhat true. So in such again this year, I have begun whittling down the items I own; knowing that possessing an item that hasn't been used in a year - for the sole fact that I may use it in the future, is not a reason at all to possess it anymore.

This is a freeing feeling: to donate, recycle, or worst case discard items, possessions, anchors in my life. Perhaps I am odd, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

As I continue my walk, I glance upward to the trees free-flowing in the breeze overhead; above the artificial shelters we've created. I begin to see the world in a different light. It is not something I can express words to quite yet, but in this new lens of perception I begin to see the world as it is: beautiful without all the things we've created and possessed; perfect underneath all the stuff