Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No. 18

The college from Scott and Liz's house (beneath the water towers)

First picture of the college

Coming into town from the East and seeing WSC

Monarch Pass, the worst possible way to get to where you need to go. This was the scarest part of the trip for sure. Summit of this pass is 11,000 plus feet (see picture below)

Mountain plateau, past Fairplay, CO

My new residence. My apartment is in the upper left corner. The porch marks the one side of my room.

Well, I am finally in my apartment and almost set up!! Yay, about freakin' time! Umm...I need to hang pictures yet but other than that its about all done. What a process and it's only a small apartment. I suddenly feel rather tired tonight and don't know how much I will write, though I have been promising this and that and something about pictures for a few days now so I best do so.

A quick stint about my job: it is going well. I start work everyday at noon (who's jealous??) and I am done by 4:30 (M-Tu-Wed) and by 3pm (Thur-Fri). So far it has been just getting things cleaned (my own desicion) and planning the upcoming events we (Scott, my new supervisor and friend) have decided are necessary for this semester/summer. I will get more pictures of the lab up soon, though most of them are already available on the web through the links to your left (no the other left-haha).

New friends? Not quite yet, though Scott and his wife-to-be Liz (Scooter and Lizzy-as you may hear them referenced sometimes) have been most gracious and taken me under their respective wings. As you may know, I spent all weekend at their house, which is about 3 miles out of town towards these kick-ass hiking/running/x-country skiing area known as Hartman's Rocks (http://www.stoneseeker.com/US-Colorado/Hartmans/). Feel free to check out the website if you please.

The campus is small, but not as small as some division 2 colleges. As it stands, the college is investing money in renovating older buildings slowly, and building a new student union on top of the site of the old one. The students seem farily nice and some of them smile when they pass you, and some ignore you. Though, in Wright Gymnasium-where I work, the students all seem to look in at least to see who the crap is the bald-headed man sitting in the lab.

The town of Gunnison is fairly small but I find it cute, in a non-attractive way, unless I am 30 sheets to the wind I suppose. I enjoy being able to walk everywhere for the most part. Grocery store, Walmart (yea, I know), Wells Fargo, ACE Hardware (my new favorite store I think for the time being), and of course the small town restraunts with unique flavor and styles.

Enough with the jargon, get to the pictures....Okay okay. So with out further adue I present you a small collection of photographs taken on my journey out here as well as the last few days of living/learning here in Gunny. Take care and make sure to add yourself as a follower of my blog. You can do so by scolling down on the left-hand side (yep, that side) and underneath the 'Blog Archive' you will see the people currently following. Click 'Follow This Blog' to get email updates to your email (the one you used for your log-in) of when I post new stuff.

Feel free to leave comments and/or email is always welcomed. aldsmith3@gmail.com

Thanks and chao.

P.S. If you want clarification of the pictures and what they are please let me know.
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