Sunday, January 18, 2009

No. 20

Hey ya'll! More than a week that I've been here now. It goes well thank you. I have Liz and Scott to thank for making it enjoyable; though, I suppose I would find something to do eventually if they didn't choose to invite me over on the weekends for food, fun, and great conversation. It's funny to think that I've only known Scott and Liz (again Scott is my supervisor and Liz is his fiance) for a little more than a week but we already are sharing crazy/inappropriate stories and burping freely. It's very comforting to fit in with them so easily. I would be miserable if I didn't I'd say.

In business news, the lab continues to go well. I am working on creating our Corporation Competition (Corp Comp). Kinda my idea that Scott wants me to run with. Pitting the various service corporations in Gunnison against one-another. The goal is to measure health levels and see what team/corporation/business can become the healthier of the groups. The winning group gets a free membership to the local gym and maybe 6 free personal training sessions with me. The idea is that we will get people in the lab for testing and be able to charge them a fee to enter the contest. In the end, we/I gotta get them to see the benefit of improving their health.

So yesterday, Scott and Liz and I traveled about 50 some miles West to Montrose, Colorado. probably about 15-20,000 people live in that area vs the 5-6,000 or so that live here in Gunnison but it isn't that much of a step up. They have a super Wal-Mart there, JCPenny, Target, and 2 small movie theaters! (vs. the 0 movie theaters we have). It was funny to travel there b/c I joked that it was like taking a summer vacation because the weather there was in the 40's vs the single digits we have back here in Gunny valley. In case you are wondering how we manage to have cold weather and snow regardless of the surrounding areas (Montrose, Denver, etc); first off, we are up at 7,703 feet above sea level; secondly, we are surrounded by mountains-almost in an oddly shaped plateau with no square boundaries. All this in turn allows the cold air from the mountains to sink in the evening and make it quite chilly here. On average, we have the coldest temperatures night in and night out of the whole US. Though, Scott's brother, who lives up in Ely Minnesota, competes with us for the coldest temperature many nights. Granted, I said the most consistent cold temperature. Another fun/funny thing is the forecast here. Almost guaranteed, we have sun and blue skies every day! Look up Gunnison, CO on a weather website and you'll see what I mean. There may be a few party cloudy days but we get 300 days of sunshine here I'm told. So, we may be high in the mountains and chilled every night by negative temperatures, but we get lots of sun:)

So i'll put this link for pictures to the trip to Montrose here. It actually goes to my facebook account. If anyone is having trouble seeing these photos please (PLEASE) let me know. Hope you all are well.


Link to photos:

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