Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No. 15

Well today finds me in Lincoln Nebraska staying with my cousin Lory. So far the trip has been uneventful-which is good. I had some freezing rain coming out of PA yesterday on my way to Illinois and my sister Erica, brother-in law Ev, and darling niece Elana. I had a nice stay with them though very short.

In other news, Lory showed me where she worked at the Univ. of Nebraska. Pretty neat stuff, she works in the stadium there with athletes and I got a tour of the expensive and expansive facilities. Always nice to catch up with family. Tomorrow I am off to Renee Early's (a Baker girl too). Her and her husband Todd live in Loveland, CO (just north of Denver). I'll stay the night there and have some good eats I hear:)

The road has been good to me. Today was the longest part of the trip and the next 2 days will be cake comparatively. The winds of norther Illinois and Eastern Iowa really did a number on my gas mileage; I got the worst of the trip so far pulling the trailer through there. The whole time it felt like I was pulling a parachute and not a trailer because of the damn wind. Glad that's past! Tomorrow's trip should be a delight because the mountains are about to rise up before me. Yay for scenery. I'll be sure to take some nice photos for posting later.

Tune back in soon. I'll try to update tomorrow. Later ya'll.

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