Thursday, January 22, 2009

The struggle continues...

On a positive note, the weather here is +12 degrees and for once it is cloudy! I know that sounds really odd but after sun and blue skies every day for the last 2 weeks its nice to have some clouds. Furthermore, the temperature didn't dip below 0 last night I believe. Nice to have some "warm" weather.

On a negative note, I am still searching for a part-time job in addition to my lab duties. Since I am only required 20 hours a week and am able to complete all of my intended duties in that 20 hours, I have a lot of free time. Also realizing that of the money I make in a month (I get paid monthly) about 65% of it immediately goes back out the door in the form of bills or loan repayments. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm not sure yet how I'm going to eek through February on a pro-rated check for part of January.

My life feels like a movie of the drama-type. Entertaining to the outside viewer but stressful and nerve-racking to me the actor. Granted there are worst things that could happen, and I still have a room to live in and food to eat; but, I just have a lot of uncertainties about the next month.

You may say, 'why not get another part-time job?' Well, I have applied or inquired to about 10 places so far and all have come up negative or there is the "check back in spring time" response.
Do I regret moving here? No, I am glad to be here doing what I am doing; good will come around to help me in the end. The experience I am getting here should rate me highly when applying for a graduate assistant position later this year. Though one worry I have is that most graduate programs take new GA's into their programs in fall and I will still be working here in fall. Hope that spring time 2010 looks promising!

If you have positive news to share, by all means. I am still smiling and doing my regular routine. I just have this mental shard in the posterior of my brain that digs and reminds me of my human existence. Hope all is well.



Amy KS Bockis said...

Believe me brother, you are not the only one that went through similar struggles. Do you remember how long it took me to find employment after grad school? A solid six I had to take that job at Versico...remember? So I thought of two Human Resources at Western State College, Kimberly Gailey ( 970.943.3142 to see if there are any part-time positions available there. OR, contact a staffing agency ( When I did a quick search at the site, I came up with 19 possible opportunities. Just hang in there buddy and know that you always have the support of your family. We will not let you starve or go bankrupt...I love you.

Unknown said...

Have you checked with the local ski resorts? Just a thought as they will often hire ancillary staff for seasonal work. A lot are probably full but you never know what you may find. Keep your chin up. You'll find work. I at one point sent in 25 applications to come up with one second shift housekeeping job. Fun times those were. . .