Monday, December 29, 2008

No. 11.5

Hey ya'll. Just a quick post to remind those that were wondering of my new potential address out in Gunnison. It will be as follows, if for any reason it changes beyond this, I will inform those via this blog.

Alan D. Smith
400 N. Colorado Street
Apt. C203
Gunnison, CO 81230


No. 11

Today's post is in a food for thought fashion: If the people you've met could write an account of you as a person after you're gone, what would that account be??

I think being that I posed the question, I should therefore attempt a proper response. For starters, I know off the bat that there would be mixed reviews of me. I'd like to think in all honesty that the majority of those would be positive and not negative, but without actually asking those people I met I guess I'll never know.

I can't say that all the accounts of me would be positive because there are those out there that I have harmed and wronged and in some sad fashion; that's life. We can't satisfy all we meet. Yet, something to learn and strive to take from that thought would be that just because we cause an initial wrong to someone, that doesn't mean we can't redeem ourselves and right some initial wrongings.

Now, I'm sure there are a few other people that I've left good impressions on only to tarnish those accounts with an unwise, and unpredictable action. There will be times that what we say comes out the wrong way from what we intended, and because of this, our overall character representation will be negative. What to do about this? Well, there isn't much to be done, you can only hope that like a contagious disease, you remedy yourself, your attitude, and your situation before you infect another with this ill-fated exposure. Though, sometimes one chance is all we get and that is an unfortunate fact but a very fortunate motivator to do it right from the start.

Granted, that within all of us there lurks or resides a highly imperfect and unforeseen monster that occasionally rears its head to our surprise post-occurrence; but, what are we to do about such? Can we kill this monster that uses our human form to vent to the outside world? In all realities no we can't because no matter how perverted, demented, or dichotomous it appears to be, it is still us thorough and through and we can't deny what we sometimes are. To accept and understand that certain things set us off would allow us to predict future episodes and what specific actions or words set us off; or, how to best handle the situation before our inner-creature exposes our not so pleasant side.

Good questions are asked, and along with that I find ways to be all over the place, forgive my divergence into areas not so supported but this is a blank slate for which I am to write on.

(Bottom Line)
Taking back into question my original thought-what would those accounts be? As I've stated before, I never will fully know; but, I don't need to either. Take the thought that you leave an impression on a person, no matter how small or insignificant, and with that thought in mind, approach each new encounter with means to leave a positive footprint on those that come and go.

I've got my work cut out. To Colorado and beyond...One week tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No. 10.6

Thanks to those that tried to assist me in my mattress quest but I believe we are going to locate one in town from a friend. Thanks for the help though people. Have a good holiday. Won't be updating till after sometime. Less than 2 weeks to go! Man, time is flying :) :(

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No 10.5

Does anyone have a twin mattress, or know of anyone that has one that would be willing to donate to a good cause??? I will pay also if need be to compensate! I am in dire need of one if possible to locate. Please thanks!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No. 10

Finished my last day of work at Fleming's Christmas Tree farms today. Worst day to date there only because we sold 8 trees all day. So that makes for a long drawn-out day wondering when it will be quitting time at 5pm (or dark for those that care). Out of all the temporary help that worked there this season, I was the only one left to finish out the season. I guess despite my desire to not have to work more hours and another weekend it was a positive reflection on me. Glad to know that I have work ethic and so on that is desirable by employers. Anyways, thought I'd share that with those that have been staying tuned and curious (partially-curious counts to0).

4 days to Christmas? Big whoop. I really don't enjoy Christmas like I did when I was younger-I'm getting older, cynical, and am very tainted. I will be honest and say I am looking forward to family coming either home or going as a family unit down to Grandma and Grandpa Danilins' that I am very fortunate and glad to have. The gifts, the faux holiday wishes don't mean what they used to. Forgive my negative attitude. I like to think I see the good and bad and people and along with that I see the fake and the real-of which Christmas has lost its real intentions. So to put it plainly, I've lost faith in society and myself for representing what Christmas is really about-the birth of Christ. Period. It should be celebrated or carried in our hearts all year long but instead it is only "in-season" post-thanksgiving till New Years. I am no angel myself, nor an ideal person to emulate, but I am concious about my choices and am comfortable writing these things and knowing that when I say something I mean it (i.e. I enjoy family time at Christmas and not what Christmas has become).

Enough with the negativity. I don't want to loose readers!! Thank you for bearing through my gruff. I'm gonna be a grumpy old man one day, haha. More positive notes to follow before the holiday. Stay tuned :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

No. 9

Amy & Andy's Abode

Freebies :)

Our trailer is a "Haulin" trailer, glad it had a job-related name.

I did some traveling out to Amy and Andy's (my sis and bro-in law) Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Picked up some freebies. You could say pay dirt was hit!! Got the old Smith-family couch back (old Red); Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bobs' old dining room/kitchen table from when they lived in Tuxedo, NY; small wooden night stand; new freakin' microwave; plus other random things that I will need. Much thanks to Amy and Andy for the things. I'll paste some pictures, nothing too exciting but gotta take advantage of the new camera.

Joked to myself that leaving to go out to Mechanicsburg to Amy and Andy's was like a test run on leaving for real come Jan. 6th. Anyways, enjoy the visual stim. More to come at a later date. Lots to do still I think...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No. 8

I think that everyday is a day for a learning opportunity; some noticed and remembered, others not. Today for me has been one that I have noticed and remembered. The hairy details may not be essential in conveying to you, but the lesson that we can take from it should.

How does one who possess great physical attributes go about possessing or managing such? For starters, great things often are blessed upon us whether from our genes, God (or gods, for those that are poly), or from some sort of freak accident in a laboratory; the latter of course sounding very science fiction like. Granted these things are a no-brainer and often we don't think of where or how, but what about the cognitive side of the matter? That is something I'd like to explore in depth a little bit now.

How is it that great minds don't always have great bodies, and vice versa? What defines either? Aside from technicalities and dictionary aficionados, I would define a great mind as one with enlightened viewpoints, reasoning skills, and vast knowledge-both known and unknown. Great bodies can be defined beyond the mere physical picture they paint. Not only looking fit externally but also having the innards to compliment said healthy appearance. (*Of course this category of healthy could be expanded to much greater details with critiques out the ying-yang, but so can a great mind). Moving onward. Rare examples do exist of humans with great minds and great bodies. Granted, they are much more an anomaly they one would expect, but they do stake a presence among us-perhaps so clandestine that we do not notice. These ramblings bring about a sense of questions in my forebrain-if my anatomy is correct. What sort of dichotomy exists within these individuals, and how is it that both states of greatness can be achieved?

Perhaps, this is a conversation or discussion in motion and it may never rest; especially in my mind. My first argument would be that a great mind controls a great body and only in that manner does it occur. However, the polar opposition that exists in my psyche thinks otherwise. Perhaps a great body (either born or earned) can achieve a great mind as well. What is to say that a young child, blessed beyond their knowledge physically, can develop great brains to compliment? Is it not possible that through the course of development (childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, etc.) that this child can shape and be shaped into a great cognitive being? I would argue both sides; for no clear answer I believe is absolute. However, I will argue that through the mind all things are seemingly possible. Your legs do not decided that you can jump the distance between point x and point y; the mind-using the senses and prior learned experiences-decides yes or no. Therefore, case in point, the mind is the powerhouse despite its lack of physical prowess. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword; thus, the brain-in its anatomically superior position-demonstrates greater capacity than the brute strength of a thousand men. Wars were won and lost with these tools.

Finishing up before length becomes my enemy. Interesting to see how the post began talking about learning today and then we end up at me discussing the brain and its great influence of all the physical. There are a lot of parts that you the reader will be left out of because I skip steps in my mind to get to where I want to discuss. Though, I trust that many if not all of you can identify with such. Lesson to take from this (if you are looking, waiting, or wanting one): don't underestimate the power of your mind regardless of how strong your body feels and/or looks.

So maybe I taught you nothing new today, but hopefully I reemphasized and reminded you of a point you learned and happened to forget in our lives as human beings who forget and make lots of mistakes. Think it through...thinking never killed you. Cheerio.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

No. 7

Nothing really new to report but I see that it has been since last Thursday (a whole week practically!) since I posted. Figured I'd better give you the readers something to chew on.

I am surprised at how fast indeed December is ticking down. Somehow I find a way to stay busy all day and before I know it the weekend is here and I'm at Fleming's peddling Christmas trees (by the way, if you have not gotten your tree for Christmas yet, you might wanna get on that ASAP because the selection is diminishing fast for the nice trees).

The back room here in the basement where all my "stuff" resides is slowly getting taller and wider and that means I'm finding more stuff than I originally thought to take. Not a bad thing but just surprises me when I think about about how I was disbelieving there was a lot of stuff initially. Hope it will all fit in the trailer and SUV!

So as with last post, I have found some more interesting thoughts to publish (though they aren't mine). Enjoy and talk to some of you sooner and some of you later.

"Let’s use the metaphor. There’s been an earthquake or a tornado or hurricane or some large scale, tragic event. We’re working to rescue the survivors, the injured, ourselves. We’re exposed first hand to death. We’re calculating what it will take to rebuild or if we should abandon. We’re coming face to face with difficult if not impossible decisions. There is chaos. There are extreme emotions. But we are committed to seeing it through, however long it may take. For our benefit, and/or for everyone’s benefit. And then one day we wake up to find we are out of the woods. We have persevered. But we’ve spent so much of our life dealing with the trauma that we’re not quite sure what to do now. We’ve grown so accustomed to living under the most challenging of circumstances that we have no idea what to do with a lovely day. We are now in unknown and unfamiliar territory. So what do we do now? The answer is simple. It’s time to celebrate. "
-Maynard James Keenan

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No. 6

I didn't write the words that will follow, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe in a.) the power they hold and b.) the message and responsibility that they carry. What responsibility you may ask, well that I believe isn't my position to dictate, but I think those that are reading this (up to 30 readers now! woo) will know what right and wrong are-and be able to distinguish the fine defined line between them. The following excerpt I found while reading up on up one of my favorite artist (singular). If you must know who the person is I will disclose, otherwise, read for the sake of the message embedded in it. Till next time, ciao.

"Changes Come 11/05/08: Roughly 9 years ago, on a day off from endless touring, I found myself in Memphis, TN. Instead of the normal routine of bad room service, pay-per-trash, cookie cutter mall visit, dinner, and "gentleman's club," I opted to visit an historic site. The Civil Rights Museum & Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Rather than cab it, I chose to walk the several dozen blocks across town in an attempt to tune myself to this place. This Museum is not in the center of town and not a place you would just happen upon. It's a place you would need to seek out. As you approach the building, it appears that it's simply a converted motel. Basically because it is. And for good reason. You pay your donation and begin to wind through a seemingly endless maze of photos, documents, text, video/audio. I took my time. I read as much as I could. It didn't take long for the dark reality of this period to set in. Atrocity after atrocity. This wasn't that long ago. We did these things to each other. These awful awful things. It was like watching a movie. I kept thinking, "surely something good must happen soon to offset all these horrible things and events and surreal moments." I spent hours in there looking for it. At times I caught myself walking faster from display to display looking for an emotional break or some levity and found none. 2 full floors. And just when I thought it was over, and I could see the exit sign ahead, my body froze. I realized why it was a motel. I realized where in fact I was. I was standing in front of a display window that looked into the room where Dr Martin Luther Kings Jr drew his final breath before stepping out of his room. He was assassinated in this very spot. I could feel my heart snap. And although it rarely if ever happens, I wept like a baby. We did this. People like you and I who come into the world in the same manner, walk on the same soil, breathe the same air. We did this. Will we always be capable of such monstrous acts against our brothers and sisters? Where is the light? Will we ever see it? Today, Nov 4th, 2008 I think I may have seen evidence of this light. Never mind the candidates. They're politicians. Not the point. That we were able to grow enough as human beings to elect Senator Barack Obama as our President and International Representative showed me hope. It began to untie the knot that I've carried with me since that visit to Memphis. This time tears of joy. Granted, we aren't out of the woods yet. But I see light. And today is truly a wonderful day. "

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No 5.5

As some of you will be able to tell (for those that view my blog instead of just reading it through emails...mmmmm hmmm Erica, Stephanie) I have been playing around with the template as well as fonts and colors. If for any reason any people following and reading my blog are having trouble reading anything because of color, contrast, size, etc... please PLEASE comment at the bottom of this paragraph and let me know. What is the use of writing a blog if my readers cannot read it? Exactly. Okay talk to you peoples soon. Thanks!