Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey guys. Why the question mark in the title? Well, being that it is my first summer here in Gunnison, I am getting used to this all. I grew up with Pennsylvania's hot and humid summer times and this just doesn't compare at all. Not only has it been lacking to reaching higher than the mid-70's, we have been inundated with rain and T-storms in the afternoons that last briefly and move on. People that have lived here for a while tell me that this is a non-normal summer thus far. All I know is I hope that a more "normal" summer comes soon! I swear I have more covers on my bed now then I did in the winter time! The heat in my building is turned off for summer; so it's all or nothing. No customizing how hot or cold. Not to worry, I am surviving fine. Just getting used to this. I will admit though, I do miss the heat and humidity of PA. Nothing wrong with taking a figurative shower just from going outside.

In other news, I had an interview today at Garlic Mike's Italian Cuisine here in Gunnison (check out their website! I was interviewing for a serving position. The restaurant in my opinion is the premier Italian eatery in the valley. If you were to transplant Garlic Mike's in a major city, it would do quite well. Anyways, there is 2 serving positions open and I was 1 of maybe 7 or 8 applying. The only good news I have on this is that Shawn, the manager, said I was towards the top of the possible candidates list as we were finishing our half hour interview. Of which I took up all 30 minutes of it. Yay! So, I am to receive a phone call this Saturday if I got the position or not. Now while I still work at Hertz and obviously the college, this job would allow me to work evenings and weekends outside of my job at the college and possibly still Hertz on non-working weekdays. We'll see. I can't make any choices yet till I know but it definitely is a step up in the work world from Hertz.

Finally got a Colorado driver's license and just transferred my PA title today for a Colorado one. Got myself some CO license plates too. Been busy busy otherwise. Not so much in one particular aspect, just in general. Have a new intern at the lab from Dakota State for summer and started working Tuesdays all day at Hertz to get some extra hours this summer. So between all of that and the personal life I sort of have, I have been hoping.

I'm out. Hope ya'll are enjoying your summers.

Oh and P.S., my parents are coming to visit this Wednesday for 3 days! Should be fun; looking forward to some visitors!!