Monday, February 2, 2009


Well good news came this morning in the form of a phone call from Hertz Rent-a-car. The administrative assistant (aka secretary-a nice one at that) gave Scott and I the heads-up last Friday that perhaps there was a position open at Hertz for me to apply for. Terri (our secretary's name) also put in a good word for me because the manager of Hertz at the airport rarely hires men so I had to impress her. Being a Smith I just smiled and instantly was hired. Haha, I wish it was that easy. I did smile though and made it a comfortable situation (seeming so) and convinced her that I was worth the hire. Talked about dealing with customers back home working for Steph at Gatti's.

Anywho, I will be getting not a whole lot of hours but hey it's a start! I begin work/training this coming Wednesday evening at 9:30pm. For the remainder of winter (probably till mid-March) I will be in charge of the night flight. Speaking of night flight, that is the name of a great song by Led I'm also fairly sure she said I'd be working some Saturdays as well. The manager Rayna has 2 kids and is going through a divorce I hear so she needs some time off or at least in the evenings.

So that is a brand-new development as of about an hour ago. She had said she was going to call me but you can never be sure until you actually get confirmed. So what about the Census job? Well, if the hours of the new job at Hertz allow/permit me, and the Census job offer comes up-perhaps I will work both! The Census job is only temporary so if I can eek out a number of weeks doing that then props to me.

Otherwise, things continue to go well. Yay Steelers! Glad to see Pennsylvania is far superior to any other state in the Nation. Makes me proud of my home...Western PA that is. Hosh-posh to Eastern PA, except for the few good souls living there-Amy/Andy etc.
Lastly, I went hiking this past weekend with Scott and Liz and then to a genuine hot springs! Though as you can see in the pictures (REMEMBER: to look at my photos click on the link to your left that says "Al's Photos Online!!") the hot springs flowed/were pumped into a swimming pool but still pretty sweet.

Hope things are going well. Ttys ya'll


Unknown said...

Nice! Glad to hear you landed another job, I knew it was just a matter of time before you did. Good things come to those who wait.

Unknown said...

Congrats bro on the job and I will keep my fingers crossed about the census job! Way to go Steelers, eh?! Thanks for the updated photos. The Hot springs swimming sounds nice and your apple crisp looked delicious.

Amy KS Bockis said...

CONGRATULATIONS brother! Of course it was the Smith charm that sailed you on through the interview. People just can not resist ;o) I'll check out pictures from your weekend soon. Ciao bro!