Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No. 8

I think that everyday is a day for a learning opportunity; some noticed and remembered, others not. Today for me has been one that I have noticed and remembered. The hairy details may not be essential in conveying to you, but the lesson that we can take from it should.

How does one who possess great physical attributes go about possessing or managing such? For starters, great things often are blessed upon us whether from our genes, God (or gods, for those that are poly), or from some sort of freak accident in a laboratory; the latter of course sounding very science fiction like. Granted these things are a no-brainer and often we don't think of where or how, but what about the cognitive side of the matter? That is something I'd like to explore in depth a little bit now.

How is it that great minds don't always have great bodies, and vice versa? What defines either? Aside from technicalities and dictionary aficionados, I would define a great mind as one with enlightened viewpoints, reasoning skills, and vast knowledge-both known and unknown. Great bodies can be defined beyond the mere physical picture they paint. Not only looking fit externally but also having the innards to compliment said healthy appearance. (*Of course this category of healthy could be expanded to much greater details with critiques out the ying-yang, but so can a great mind). Moving onward. Rare examples do exist of humans with great minds and great bodies. Granted, they are much more an anomaly they one would expect, but they do stake a presence among us-perhaps so clandestine that we do not notice. These ramblings bring about a sense of questions in my forebrain-if my anatomy is correct. What sort of dichotomy exists within these individuals, and how is it that both states of greatness can be achieved?

Perhaps, this is a conversation or discussion in motion and it may never rest; especially in my mind. My first argument would be that a great mind controls a great body and only in that manner does it occur. However, the polar opposition that exists in my psyche thinks otherwise. Perhaps a great body (either born or earned) can achieve a great mind as well. What is to say that a young child, blessed beyond their knowledge physically, can develop great brains to compliment? Is it not possible that through the course of development (childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, etc.) that this child can shape and be shaped into a great cognitive being? I would argue both sides; for no clear answer I believe is absolute. However, I will argue that through the mind all things are seemingly possible. Your legs do not decided that you can jump the distance between point x and point y; the mind-using the senses and prior learned experiences-decides yes or no. Therefore, case in point, the mind is the powerhouse despite its lack of physical prowess. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword; thus, the brain-in its anatomically superior position-demonstrates greater capacity than the brute strength of a thousand men. Wars were won and lost with these tools.

Finishing up before length becomes my enemy. Interesting to see how the post began talking about learning today and then we end up at me discussing the brain and its great influence of all the physical. There are a lot of parts that you the reader will be left out of because I skip steps in my mind to get to where I want to discuss. Though, I trust that many if not all of you can identify with such. Lesson to take from this (if you are looking, waiting, or wanting one): don't underestimate the power of your mind regardless of how strong your body feels and/or looks.

So maybe I taught you nothing new today, but hopefully I reemphasized and reminded you of a point you learned and happened to forget in our lives as human beings who forget and make lots of mistakes. Think it through...thinking never killed you. Cheerio.

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