Thursday, December 18, 2008

No. 9

Amy & Andy's Abode

Freebies :)

Our trailer is a "Haulin" trailer, glad it had a job-related name.

I did some traveling out to Amy and Andy's (my sis and bro-in law) Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Picked up some freebies. You could say pay dirt was hit!! Got the old Smith-family couch back (old Red); Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bobs' old dining room/kitchen table from when they lived in Tuxedo, NY; small wooden night stand; new freakin' microwave; plus other random things that I will need. Much thanks to Amy and Andy for the things. I'll paste some pictures, nothing too exciting but gotta take advantage of the new camera.

Joked to myself that leaving to go out to Mechanicsburg to Amy and Andy's was like a test run on leaving for real come Jan. 6th. Anyways, enjoy the visual stim. More to come at a later date. Lots to do still I think...

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