Monday, December 29, 2008

No. 11

Today's post is in a food for thought fashion: If the people you've met could write an account of you as a person after you're gone, what would that account be??

I think being that I posed the question, I should therefore attempt a proper response. For starters, I know off the bat that there would be mixed reviews of me. I'd like to think in all honesty that the majority of those would be positive and not negative, but without actually asking those people I met I guess I'll never know.

I can't say that all the accounts of me would be positive because there are those out there that I have harmed and wronged and in some sad fashion; that's life. We can't satisfy all we meet. Yet, something to learn and strive to take from that thought would be that just because we cause an initial wrong to someone, that doesn't mean we can't redeem ourselves and right some initial wrongings.

Now, I'm sure there are a few other people that I've left good impressions on only to tarnish those accounts with an unwise, and unpredictable action. There will be times that what we say comes out the wrong way from what we intended, and because of this, our overall character representation will be negative. What to do about this? Well, there isn't much to be done, you can only hope that like a contagious disease, you remedy yourself, your attitude, and your situation before you infect another with this ill-fated exposure. Though, sometimes one chance is all we get and that is an unfortunate fact but a very fortunate motivator to do it right from the start.

Granted, that within all of us there lurks or resides a highly imperfect and unforeseen monster that occasionally rears its head to our surprise post-occurrence; but, what are we to do about such? Can we kill this monster that uses our human form to vent to the outside world? In all realities no we can't because no matter how perverted, demented, or dichotomous it appears to be, it is still us thorough and through and we can't deny what we sometimes are. To accept and understand that certain things set us off would allow us to predict future episodes and what specific actions or words set us off; or, how to best handle the situation before our inner-creature exposes our not so pleasant side.

Good questions are asked, and along with that I find ways to be all over the place, forgive my divergence into areas not so supported but this is a blank slate for which I am to write on.

(Bottom Line)
Taking back into question my original thought-what would those accounts be? As I've stated before, I never will fully know; but, I don't need to either. Take the thought that you leave an impression on a person, no matter how small or insignificant, and with that thought in mind, approach each new encounter with means to leave a positive footprint on those that come and go.

I've got my work cut out. To Colorado and beyond...One week tomorrow.
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