Sunday, December 21, 2008

No. 10

Finished my last day of work at Fleming's Christmas Tree farms today. Worst day to date there only because we sold 8 trees all day. So that makes for a long drawn-out day wondering when it will be quitting time at 5pm (or dark for those that care). Out of all the temporary help that worked there this season, I was the only one left to finish out the season. I guess despite my desire to not have to work more hours and another weekend it was a positive reflection on me. Glad to know that I have work ethic and so on that is desirable by employers. Anyways, thought I'd share that with those that have been staying tuned and curious (partially-curious counts to0).

4 days to Christmas? Big whoop. I really don't enjoy Christmas like I did when I was younger-I'm getting older, cynical, and am very tainted. I will be honest and say I am looking forward to family coming either home or going as a family unit down to Grandma and Grandpa Danilins' that I am very fortunate and glad to have. The gifts, the faux holiday wishes don't mean what they used to. Forgive my negative attitude. I like to think I see the good and bad and people and along with that I see the fake and the real-of which Christmas has lost its real intentions. So to put it plainly, I've lost faith in society and myself for representing what Christmas is really about-the birth of Christ. Period. It should be celebrated or carried in our hearts all year long but instead it is only "in-season" post-thanksgiving till New Years. I am no angel myself, nor an ideal person to emulate, but I am concious about my choices and am comfortable writing these things and knowing that when I say something I mean it (i.e. I enjoy family time at Christmas and not what Christmas has become).

Enough with the negativity. I don't want to loose readers!! Thank you for bearing through my gruff. I'm gonna be a grumpy old man one day, haha. More positive notes to follow before the holiday. Stay tuned :)

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