Saturday, November 29, 2008

No. 5

Today was my first day at the Christmas tree farm. It was a long day but I think it'll be fine for another few weeks. I was fortunate today that the weather was quite nice. Hope that tomorrow can be too; though I hear weather is moving in. Guess we'll wait and see.

Anyways, saw a lot of family over Thanksgiving, and lots of people are excited about or for me and my moving West. As I've said from blog No. 1, I am excited though I will admit the nervousness is ceasing and the anxiousness is increasing bit by bit. Getting tid bits of advice from people that know more about Colorado than I do and for that I am thankful. Heck, even those that don't know a whole lot about CO are still giving me good life advice I suppose you could call it. So, not to drag on and scratch my head about what I wanna blog about, I'll just call it a night and hit the sheets. I am pretty beat. Day number 2 tomorrow, doesn't even feel like the weekend. Talk to you guys soonish.


Oh and to liven up the physical composition of the page I've added a link to Crested Butte Resort's photo/video check it out.

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