Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No. 2

So this will be numero dos, like those who follow didn't already know. Anyways, I had a phone conference today with Scott and things are shaping up quite well. Right now I am approaching the final stages of preparation. More so to put it bluntly, I'm getting all the "stuff" together that I am going to need. As my sisters and parents can attest, I have been barking kindly up all their trees for them to throw me some unwanted stuff. I am fortunate thus far because being the youngest is advantageous in that I get all the sisters left over stuff from their college days that is no longer used. Big thanks to you guys. Furthermore, I have a list circulating out there of stuff I have yet to locate-for those that would be wanting to see that for whatever generous reason-let me know please.

So in news of the tele-conference, I found out that my apartment, also deemed "a cozy efficiency room" aka small yet comfortable, is going to be pretty squarish and have one "big" room (as compared to the attached "small" bathroom and kitchen). I will have a balcony according to Scott (my superior/boss/new friend) and the kitchen and bathroom are furnished-meaning they have refrigerator, stove, shower, sink, toydie, etc. To see a picture of my campus and a distance shot of the building I'll be living near (Coronado) visit this link (Wright Gymnasium is where I'll be working; the HAP Lab is in this building) or just check out the attached pictures above. Anyways, in other apartment updates, I will be provided with all utilities (thank goodness) because as some of you may know, I am only getting a stipend for this job and the apartment so having as little bills as possible is great news.

I will continue to have Verizon cell phone service out there so your calls are all case you forgot my number or never got it (724 388 5449). I will have a mailing address soon enough for those who wish to send me letters and/or a quick note. I'll update that address when I get it.

As far as other possibilities of a part time job, well, I am going to attempt to obtain a position personal training at Colorado Fitness in Gunnison. If that isn't the best or most promising option (take into account the current state of the economy and the fact that health and fitness is a privilege sadly and you'll understand why it's a depressed field) then I will hopefully find myself applying for a state Grant. I was clued in by Scott that it would be possible to start some corporate fitness activities at the lab and that the Hospital as well as the large grocery store have interested or possibly interested parties. Shooting for summer with those ideas.

Other wise, attire is "super casual" according to Scott...guess that isn't a bad thing. I will have my own office-though it is more so the whole lab is mine so to speak and I have a dedicated desk area with laptop and printer at my use (whoopee!). Umm, otherwise I can't think of anything I missed that I wanna get out there right now. As before, stay tuned...I will update yins with more. Leave comments if you want to hear more about this or that. ttys

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