Saturday, November 22, 2008

No. 3

Well this makes for post number 3 for those that cannot count (of which I believe I am not one). Ha, anyways I uploaded a few pictures of Gunnison (where I'll be living/working/exploring/have an awesome time) and one of Crested Butte (not Butt as some people have been pronouncing). Just to give you my readers some visual stimulation and also to help maintain an active blog.

Nothing new on the forefront of things besides having more people donating things to me. Grandpa and Grandma Danilin thank you very much for your offerings and much thanks to Sue and Bob Cooney for their kind donations...thanks to these people to name a few, I am well on my way to having almost everything a young man such as myself could have when starting a new life in anther state by himself. (Steph or Rob, if you'd like to forward me please your parents email address I'd gladly add them so they can be recognized). Umm, I'm not at the point yet of counting down days, besides I don't think I've counted down days since I was a young boy waiting for Christmas. But nonetheless, I am getting excited and slowly am building up an anxiousness.

Thanks for those that continue to tune in, if you know of anyone else that would like to be included in this blog let me know please. So far I have 11 readers out of 40 or so invites so. Tune back in soon, never know what I'm gonna add! Thanks for reading...

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