Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shower the people with Love

Earlier this morning, while sitting at the local cafe for a breakfast alone, I tuned-out in my reading of The Week magazine. For those unfamiliar with The Week it is this one condensed source of news I can rely on to come back up-to-date with what's happening in the world. Immersed in the reading I failed to notice the seeming calamity going-on to my right and left. Tuning-in to the reality of the cafe scene now and again I was treated to James Taylor singing through the speakers to ...shower the people you love with love... and I smiled at that notion. Going back to my reading I had smiles and easiness on my mind. Though, as I turned the page I came back out of that concentrated medium of reading the written word to something not what James was just uttering.

Oddly enough, on both sides of me, the couples at each table were squabbling about things that I didn't quite grasp from my brief prying. But, from what I could ascertain, I did gather that they were in respectively separate debates of the heated sort with one another about things that didn't pertain or matter to me. What did matter, however, was that after noticing both couples on both sides, I couldn't help but wonder if they hadn't just heard the song that was playing. Surely, they would have stopped and retraced their steps with forgiveness and uttered, "I'm sorry, I love you regardless;" right?


Anyways, speaking of love, I'm in love with the idea of moving outdoors. Perhaps there will one day be a lil lady to shift that love, and surely I know she is out there - but till I am with her completely, I will harbor and grow my expanding love for mother nature. Today, I set-up my home for the next month. I was overjoyed to put my physical strengths to work this past week and again today digging out the 2+ feet of snow to shape my 10 x 20 foot rectangle. It seems there is never a dull moment in my infancy of living outdoors. Tonight, as in in the next 30 minutes, once I depart the warmth and comfort of indoor plumbing, electric lights and heat, I will be at home in my spacious tent. With the sugary accumulation of snow coming down, the foothills of the Rockies I will call my home. And, it is in this space that I will move to shower others with my love for being alive. Thank you for this! I am grateful...indeed.

Home sweet snowy home! 

Warm thoughts of Love,


Luke Mehall said...

Looking good baby! Spring is in the air.

Al Smith III said...

chea buddy bear! Thanks; excited to see you sooner or later