Sunday, February 10, 2013

In that moment, what else matters?

Do you ever find yourself being taken-over by the moment? Today, while occupying my morning time before work I was treated to a short, but complete space-out in the following Jimi Hendrix Experience song (works best on the blog site):

The final minute and 20 seconds grip me; in this space nothing cognitive registers. The intensity of the moment of bliss builds; I feel a recognized and complete soul for this fleeting moment of rapture. (Perhaps if you aren't feeling it, you need to turn the music up) As to let it take-over, to permeate echo off something inside of you that isn't usually touched by every day life.

I often think of the way that songs such as these make me feel, and wonder what my daily life would be like if I could take them with me and just blast them, as to share the moment of musical joy with others - just to see if they, too, feel it?

Then I come back down to reality, aided by that which is right now: eat, sleep, work, repeat. I look forward to the future; to that moment where the music keeps playing on, and I, in the ecstasy, infinitely illimitable live full, fuller, fully!

To blessed bliss in your day,

where does the trail lead? Doesn't really matter, does it? 

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