Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th! (at least here in CO still)

It looks chilly with long pants and a fleece on but just the cool breeze from the ocean kept me a tad chilled. The sun was warm and lovely :)

So there is no big connotation with it being Friday the 13th, just thought I'd mention it....owowoh spooky! haha. Well, here it FINALLY is; the update I promised yesterday delivered a day late. My apologies. I had all intentions of having it out hot and fresh yesterday but a hectic 9.5 hour day at work washing and cleaning cars wore me out! So tomorrow (Saturday) is a big big day for us at Hertz. We have 31 rentals coming between 9 and 5pm. Doesn't sound or seem like much maybe to you, but for small-town airport us, it's huge! Unprecedented possibly since last spring break time. As mentioned, Terri (also an employee at the college like me-who works at Hertz, the reason I got the job) and I have been slaving getting cars cleaned for the big day tomorrow. We had to have about 10 or 12 vehicles brought over from Grand Junction and Montrose CO so that we will have enough for all our rentals. In addition to getting ready for the big day tomorrow, we have had some busy days renting 12+ cars in a day the last 3 days. So you go from cleaning and washing a car as fast as possible to renting cars and back again...what a madhouse of activity and constant physical and mental stimulation. The rental business (at least here) is like playing a board game, you gotta plan your moves ahead so you don't screw yourself in the end.

So, beyond that exciting chunk of news, I was privileged to travel further west to sunny San Diego from last Saturday till Tuesday evening. My friend Madison here at the college was driving back to her home for spring break and invited me. I obliged and proceeded to secure a plane flight home Tuesday afternoon b/c I had to work Wednesday through Sunday at Hertz. It was awesome to get out of CO for a bit and see some new beautiful country. We spent 15 hours driving all day Saturday to arrive in San Diego Saturday evening. Please check out my pictures to see all of the lovely shots I got!!! Here is the link for those that forget to bookmark it!!!! ( Do check out those photos, in may ways, it is self-explanatory, though if you would like further clarification, etc. please feel free to email me ( or call me (724 388 5449).

Let us see...what else. OH! Also another reason why I'm glad I put off blogging till tonight. This morning I had the great opportunity to go up to Crested Butte (the beautiful and much more plush-monetarily speaking-ski resort community 30 miles north of I) to interview at the Country Club @ Crested Butte. I was interviewing for a position as a personal trainer. A non-traditional student and mother of another student at the college personal trains there and she spoke highly of me to the managers. From which of course, I sent a formal cover letter and my resume and 1 week later I am asked to come interview. Yay! Anyways, I spoke with Madelyn (the mother of my friend Tim and non-traditional student) called me later today after my interview saying they were very impressed with me. I thanked her for getting my foot in the door and speaking highly of me. So, it's not official yet but I imagine I will have a job opportunity coming my way soon hopefully! Besides a beautiful drive up to CB everyday that I'd work, the club is undergoing a 2 plus million dollar renovation and everything in the health club is getting updated! What a great way to start for me and for them! (Pending I get the job of course). Oh and also, the going rate for personal training is $60 bucks an hour! Not too shabby eh? I'll keep yins up on that.

For now the love/social life continues to go well. No new developments. I am not upset by such though b/c I have enough women friends to fulfill my company for women (read: non-sexually). Hope all is well else where! Is it me or does it seem like spring will maybe spring early this year?

Take care ya'll :)


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Amy KS Bockis said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am still reading your blog bud. It is nice to get updates because you are sometimes not as forthcoming on the phone ;o) Glad to hear that all is well and that a personal training job is a strong possibility. Love you brother!