Sunday, March 22, 2009

Special Visitor...

Dr. Shim is the guy on the far right with the blue sweatshirt on. In this picture, he is administering a choice reaction test to Kirky (kneeling girl at the end of the table).

Well, this weekend, we here at Western State College of Colorado were blessed to have a special visitor and good friend of mine, Dr. Andrew Shim (formerly of IUP), now out of Dakota State University in Madison, SD. Scott and him had been planning a Health-Fitness and Anaerobic Performance Seminar for the past month and a half, and Friday/Saturday were the implementation of said planning. I am always happy to have a visitor come to Gunnison, and that now makes 2 visits for Dr. Shim in the last 2.5 months!! Wow, my family and friends are being put to shame, ha ha ha?

The students that attended - mostly all ESS Majors (exercise and sport science) hopefully got something out of the 2 day seminar; at worse some of them got free weight-vests and pants from Arnie @ Ironwear fitness in good old Pittsburgh, PA! (an awesome guy Andrew and I had the pleasure of knowing when at IUP - his website
We had Andrew lecture for the morning sessions while the afternoon sessions were all hands-on. If you go to my pictures online, you will see some pictures of the labs and lectures that he did here at the college.

Other highlights of the weekend? Well, with a special visitor in town, that means special dinner plans! Scott and Liz were most gracious in housing Dr. Shim for the duration of his stay and on Friday evening post-seminar, post-exercise/working out, we found ourselves in Crested Butte at the Ginger Cafe for a delicious and authentic Thai meal (Scott and I's mutual friend Tim "vegetable" Curry, joined us for dinner as well - We call him "vegetable" Curry b/c he ordered such for dinner and his last name is Curry...ha ha). If any of you ever make it out to here, I will take you there if you'd like...or any of the other wonderful places. Speaking of which, Saturday night, we went to the Gunnison Brewery for dinner. In addition to brewing their own micro brews, which are highly palatable, the Brewery serves up fresh organic beef! (& chicken too). Another great place to stop in and eat if you are ever here . I think that makes it my 4th or 5th time now eating at the Brewery.

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear about the personal training job at the country club in Crested Butte. I will keep ya'll informed when I know more.

BIG NEWS, for those that may read this in the next week...I am traveling back home (via car) to Indiana!!!! I need to return my parent's vehicle to them and pick up my own car. Also, I am looking forward to visiting family and friends and hopefully hitting up Gatti's for some needed things:) Thanks in advance Steph! I will be in town from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning. If you read this and would like to see me, get a hold of me! (724 388 5449)

Lastly, this blog is now PUBLIC!! That means no more logging in with user names and passwords. Just go to this website and read away, worry-free. If you have anyone else in mind that may like to read this, please pass on the word and the web URL (

Hope things are well and that this weather front moving in doesn't bring snow!!!! Finger's crossed and breathing slow, whew. Talk to some of you soon, and more of you hopefully later. Be well.


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Amy KS Bockis said...

Of course you would plan on arriving in Indiana when I have to go to DC....OF COURSE!!! Thanks for yet another update. I will call you sometime this week, perhaps tonight or perhaps tomorrow, or perhaps Wednesday. Drive safely if I don't talk to you before then.