Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perfection lies underneath our earthly stuff

As I walk outside on a day of sunshine intermixed with clouds, I look upon the various colored houses lining the paved streets. These permanent structures that house so much of the stuff people have accumulated throughout their lives - regardless if they are older or younger.

I gaze into the garages, the yards, the dark recesses and wonder if that is something I'll ever have: more stuff than I know what to do with? To me at this point in my life, I see these items and an association of weight, heavy anchors on large ships, is what I imagine. I feel drawn to more of a life of simpleton; like some I know, who can pack all their belongings in their 2-door cars and drive down the road; free, mobile.

Again, why own so much, only to in turn be burdened by our weighty possessions?

I read a quote today: "Don't be possessed by your possessions." (Lisl Steiner)
Will this happen to me? Will I be possessed by what it is I own?

I already can see this to be somewhat true. So in such again this year, I have begun whittling down the items I own; knowing that possessing an item that hasn't been used in a year - for the sole fact that I may use it in the future, is not a reason at all to possess it anymore.

This is a freeing feeling: to donate, recycle, or worst case discard items, possessions, anchors in my life. Perhaps I am odd, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

As I continue my walk, I glance upward to the trees free-flowing in the breeze overhead; above the artificial shelters we've created. I begin to see the world in a different light. It is not something I can express words to quite yet, but in this new lens of perception I begin to see the world as it is: beautiful without all the things we've created and possessed; perfect underneath all the stuff

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