Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild in Freedom

I feel wild lately. This flooding feeling of freedom has captivated me. I am living life as a free anomaly; spaciously robust. This is a contrast to the serious relationship with another person I just knew a few weeks ago.

Why is it that I feel better in singleton than I did in a relationship? Are there personality traits about me or my psyche that express themselves most when I'm free? Is it my Ego that desires freedom; could its interest in self  first cause me to seek what I then perceive to desire? 

Questions and answers, like freedom and security - complementary - though, best when mixed together. Patience...perhaps this is something I have built a tolerance and appreciation for, but I'm still impatient when it matters most: sharing my life with another.

Although, what is it about the intoxicating juice of freedom that keeps me coming back for another sip, another gulp? Surely, I can peer back through time's lens and see how I had a unique chance to practice and commit to selfless expression; so, what is it that holds me back? Will I overcome my desires for personal freedom in life enough to share with another? Perhaps the meeting of another who values freedom selfishly like I will make for an understanding of those like us. Perhaps not.

Hmmm....I think upon this, but not for too long; the moments for life and living are beyond these digitally-expressed thoughts. Thus, I shall readily embrace them. Spiraling out...finding comfort and inner peace amongst the alluring chaos of life. Wild in Freedom. 

Where will the spiral lead? I must trust in the process of Life to know...
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