Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Free-ness of Freedom

"Freedom begins between your ears."
-Edward Abbey
What does it mean to be free; to live and breathe in Freedom? That capitalized noun that evokes a sense of nostalgic pride from within my head and breast, my gut. In the sense of the word, we have it all - Americans that is. So much so that we relish in what we've been automatically blessed with: this Earth, with little conscious understanding of the reactions to our actions.

how about you?

Take for example a current hot button issue, hydraulic fracturing. Sure, it nets a source of energy for us to consume, but at what cost? A larger question I ponder: is there a way for us to forgo this dirty, au courant, seemingly satisfying temptation?

An aside: what if all passenger cars stopped working for the rest of our natural lives and people subscribed to walking or biking instead; what would happen? Whatever resulted would surely be eerie: a ceasing of mechanical noise, instead being replaced by a silence permeating over our ears and consciousness; an appreciation for simple machines like bikes and other non-motorized wheel-bound forms of transport, which fortunately remove the need for a gym membership; and, a recognition in our senses - spiralling up our nerve columns to that space where respect of the other things living inherent on this Earth deeply resides.

Boy, what would that be like? Will we ever get there ... ?
I'm not sure.

If you've read this far, though, I do know that the place to start is already buzzing; percolating with glucose, ready to respond. That space 'tween your ears - primed and awaiting your pious discretion.
Now, what will you do?

Sunshine and dreams of dreams,

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