Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In the Country - music from the soul

Music calls to be listened to, everyday it seems. This flowing rhythm with rhyme for all to partake in. Almost as if that medium, and how effortlessly it can enter our presence, was inherently part of life. So much music exists out there - some good, many not-so-good, in my opinion. My roommate Ryan and I were taking a lazy afternoon a few days ago and we both came to rest on the thought of soul in music. How, without soul, music just doesn't ring quite as true to our beings, our insides! It's as if my or your soul acknowledges, without interruption of conscious thought, what the artist is displaying outwardly from within. Beautiful! 

I can't explain why I choose this song to listen to this morning, but after hearing it and desiring to understand what they are saying - through listening and feeling - I feel renewed in my day! I thank my father for this musical influence in my life. I wonder if he has taken the time to let this song, and its message, sink into his being? I bet there was a time and place that he did; reconnect Dad! I love you. 

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Oh my reasons
And my ways
Keep on changing
From day to day
As I grow
It becomes so clear
Why I'm here

It's all here
for you and me (thank you for this!)
The beauty of life
Someday you'll see
And then you'll join in
And sing along
And you'll understand why I sing this song
Let me tell you now

I do love you
I do love you (yes, you, that person sitting here listening)
I do love you

Well I'm talkin' bout life
And livin' (uh-huh)
And the beautiful earth (oh lordy!)
And givin' (we could all do this more, eh?)
Talkin 'bout the natural things we've had since birth (how fortunate!!)
That's lovin'
Well I'm talkin' 'bout a walk in the country
'Bout an angel's sweet charm
The smell of her perfume
And they both comin' on
Let me tell you now

I do love you
I do love you 
I do love you (because livin' is lovin'!)

Well it's a beautiful day (certainly is!)
And I'm on my way
Oooh, thank you lord, for the country

Well my thoughts
Are like ripples in a stream (poetic!)
I see myself so free
My eyes and spirit say hello
My soul goes dancing by, oh hello (how do you see yourself?)

The clean fresh air (what a treat!)
Goes jumping through my head
The sun is smilin' down
If you have ever lived out here
Then you know why I say...

I do love you 
I do love you 
I do love you 
(all of you, even those I do not know!)

So come on let's move
Out to the country (or at least appreciate what is naturally outside)
Yeah, let's go live out there
Let's get funky (Uhhh!)
Come on people
Come on people
Yeah, let's be free
We got to be free (Why not?!)
In the country
You and me

Come on people
Come on people
Better have a good time 
We'll have a good time
We got to be free...come on now

Striving in LOVE for others and self,

"When you are in tune with the unknown, the known is peaceful." 

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