Friday, January 6, 2012

Life, in a poem

Substance number one: life.

To the primary, we shall return
Down to the spot where we departed,
Open are hearts for they shine out the aches,
Welcoming the new blood into soft spaces,
Lights upon faces...

Appreciating the regrowth
The replenish,
The refresh,
Is this the part I love best?

The purpose all around,
Above in the sky and here on the ground,
Always it looms but not always consumed,
Surely the way to forgo any gloom or doom...

An irreplaceable substance,
Unique and all around,
For you and for me,

There is something about the substance of life that nothing else can quite touch. Sure music, drugs, caffeine, and other popular substances attract our attention, but never in such  simpleness and quantity as life. I am happy to admit that there is quite possibly nothing better than it; especially when shared with others! 

Find that someone, those somebodies who could use a dose of the realest reality. Seek to take NOT for granted that which is free and plentiful to us. Strive shall we, for knowing the way of life takes space outside of ourselves. 

Seek it, today, tonight, tomorrow. 

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