Sunday, January 16, 2011

MLK Tribute - what could the future be?

I am the dream
festering in your thoughts
I am the unrealized person
grasping the unknown
I am the individual in a group
the unity laying in wait
I am the undisclosed start
the match to ignite the inferno

I am the hope residing outside your door
in wait to keep you company
I am the logic
screaming insanity in sane-ness
I am the stutter in your step
wishing you would trip and falter
I am the anchor
hoisted from the depths

I am the young soul
aware of a better future for all

I am realizing consciousness
space to think outside my sphere

I am forward-moving
with eyes to the past for guidance
I am action and reaction
becoming full circle
I am many of you
incarnate as a poem

I am
no longer

We are




Anonymous said...

dig it brotha!

Luke Mehall said...

dig it brotha!