Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Society's Sad Situation

We live in a society of taboos and double-standards. Words spilling from just one mouth find their way to harm and mal-intended use. Many find it second-nature to utter a word or phrase with a laugh and smile, not realizing the depth or breadth of their comments; or who they might affect.
People in any sort of elevated position have a responsibility to bar ignorance from their societal presence, but excuses speak louder than honest admittance. A word of caution for all of us: we look terrible talking down on one subject and conversely living up another in personal and private spaces!

What possibly could I be speaking of? Let's start with drugs and alcohol. We expect college students, or those under the legal age to be drug and alcohol-free, yet we are on the flip side of this - getting smashed, twisted, or otherwise every weekend with pictures to prove it all on facebook. Though this is done in a guilt-free space, we imagine that those words or phrases we tell others don't apply to us.

Does anyone realize the hypocritical nature of this?

If society was more exposed to the reality of situations, the what really goes on, would we be so quick to pass the same advice and judgement? The optimist in me hopes not, but reason tells me otherwise. Shamefully, the echoes and reflections cast back upon us as a society further the divide between the ignorant and those wishing to see positive change.

Change your perspective like you would a pair of socks. Listen to what you are saying!! Before you slander another, think for a second of what that might mean. Who are we to play God, judge and jury? We are entitled to no more rights than the ants residing in your cabinets. We just think we do because someone somewhere told us we were important and that our ass was more special than another's. It's all very laughable, but yet very sad.

As the snow falls and melts to return again to earth, so will this vicious cycle of ignorance. Please be part of the solution and not the problem.

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