Friday, February 5, 2010

Following up...

To clarify any wrongs that may have been assumed, I want to share a few positive notes with ya'll.

First off, I apologize if the last post sounded harsh. It came from within and sometimes the fire is intense on the inside; deep down. I do take passion in what I do, or at least I try. Having felt the waters, so to speak, I sensed dissension amongst the followers. I just wanted to address that up front. I say things all in love and if you don't know me yet, sometimes I say things without thinking thoroughly, but I mean well. Though, I did read over that last post numerous times before I published it, I was not going to change or deviate to satisfy disgruntlement.

Moving on...

For those that didn't know yet, I did not get into graduate school. Out of the 3 I've applied to, I was rejected by 2-Penn State and Colorado State (my first choice). Appalachian State remains in the cards, but I'm less and less impressed with school right now at this point. I'm trying to seek out jobs since my position at the college ends May 7th. I'd like to stay here in the valley but if indeed I have to move, I will. My sister Amy has been providing guidance and ideas for places to apply. I am grateful for her help. This post is starting to sound like posts of old...No worries though.

Other than the aforementioned, things go well. As I've said in times past, patience is the only real thing I can be assured in right now. My friends, family, and girlfriend remain as real and desired as ever. I appreciate any of you that have been thinking of me. The future holds unknowns. I look forward to them. Thanks again.

In Love,

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