Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from Taos...

Greetings. I got back this morning from a short road trip embarked on this past Friday to Taos, New Mexico to see Erica, Ev, Elana, Elliot, Stephanie, Rob and Adelay. Rob's friend Paul (whom went out to the Pacific Northwest with us) also joined us for the duration of my weekend stay.

The short drive (4 hours on the way down, 3.20 on the way home due to a shortcut) was filled with awesome Colorado scenery. Be sure to check out my photos online (

As of today, I am trying to update more via the blog so I can spend less time talking on the phone to people. That may sound very impersonal and rude but I often find that my free time is taken up doing something and that I am less apt at wanting to speak via the telephone. Sorry guys.

Thoughts from the trip:
The Smith family is moving in a new direction. I can't say I'm part of that but in many ways I am indirectly involved. We have shifted from one big unit of adults to a unit of adults with little ones pooping, crying, laughing, smiling, and cementing new memories. I love to see my little nieces and nephews smile and react to me but I can say that I don't yearn for a child of my own. I often wonder now if I will ever want one of those. I know I'm selfish in the basic picture of my life, but I just don't see myself moving too far past that to make time for a kid. In all respect sisters, too much time is wasted with those little darlings to have a functional doing/seeing/moving/etc family unit. I love my time with family but I miss the days past when things were more simple. The portrait has changed...for the better in some and many regards...for the worse (in the meantime) temporarily. Please don't take offense my emotionally loving sisters and brother in laws. I'm stating it how it is...from my perspective. Yours will differ, as will anyone else reading this.

On an ending note, enjoy your lives wherever they may find you and don't forget to cherish what you have. I know I love living where I am and I was very happy to be back in Gunnison this morning after being away. Hope any and all of you can make it out here to see what I mean. The simple life here goes on day after day...come join in.

Cheers and love,


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