Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Intiution, oh how I greet thee

Led to the spot, not by his own thought, but alas a voice, an utter, a whispering;
Trusting in space, without great haste, he enters the coincidental moment;
With Spring in the air, the love of life's share, he smiles, he appreciates the calling. 

 What can be said that already has not? Much to process, a bit at a time - no rush on this - boy, I feel grateful.
Spacey are his thoughts, in and amongst his grand jaunts - from mountains to plains and beyond.
There is, for me, this invisibly tangible string that pulls me along. No rail or line that I must follow, yet a free medium in which I can flow - any way, side-to-side, up and back. Indeed, grateful be thy name!

Fortuitous are my experiences when I am privileged to not work and instead roam a path I have put intentional thought into wandering. The people I meet, the reconnection with ones I know; all is in this grand suggestion of life and living less in an overarching plan of control and contrivance and more in the unknown!

Thank you for this, oh Life and its Creators. I, too, am indebted with a running tab being paid in moments of opportunities, here and today.


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