Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Fear of Living

The water of the mighty Animas rolls,
Beneath your feet it beckons,
Do you hear it?

The snow upon the peaks entices,
Above the gaze of the device in your hand,
Do you see them?

The rain tears from the sad-seeping sky,
Upon your exposed skin it sits aplomb,
Do you feel its vitality?

* * *

The ear buds lift and veil,
Our hearing,
Disportionately displaced.

The smart device commands,
Pinching us to the dubious reality at hand,
Heed its call.


Of missing out, open high places, pain and peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth;
Of microbes and bacteria, bees, trees, wild animals and darkness;

Of staying single, being alone or by oneself and marriage;
Fire, water, asymmetrical things, flutes, failure, and being dirty; 
Chins, knees, having, seeing or thinking about an erect penis, women, men and nudity;

Imperfections, French Culture, toads, plants, slime, books and writing; 
Sitting, walking, bicycles, planes, and heights;

Of freedom! and knowledge!;

The fear of living - biophobia,
Lurking under it all?

* * *

The glass enveloping and surrounding spiders then shatters,
You drop down into a contrastive space (have I been here before?),
Breath comes rushing in - an inundating inhale.

This is now your life;

There above was your previous perception:
Tuned-in to the disarray of the artificial,
Dropped-out of the natural actuality.

Basic meets elementary's most simplest,
Living free of fear,
In the clear - al la naturale.

Bon appetit.

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