Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stoking in Progress!

The bins of all my belongings were in; the duffle bags of miscellaneous gear, too. I guess this meant the van was packed; but, I couldn't decide. Where were my thoughts at?

My nerves were as settled as they could be; nothing like the anxiousness I was feeling the night before. That weird combination of tired but wired - even without ingesting caffeine. "Okay, what did I forget?" Nothing registered in my mind, so I guess that meant it was time to forge-off into the early morning of a March in late winter. As the sunlight slowly warmed the cold, damp chill of a near-zero degree night, I smiled at the imperceptible motion of its loving arc into the sky, towards the zenith: its brightest moment, still hours away.

Again; where were my thoughts at? The van: this would be Freedom's first long trip. From the post-storm scene of late winter in the Vail Valley to a bit warmer Durango destination, in the southwest corner of Colorado. How would Freedom incarnate - named in honor of my dear friend Luke's last car, Freedom original - fare? A number of wintery mountain passes lay between Edwards and Durango; would passage be permitted up, over and down the other side without incidence?

Thoughts, so consuming when, like a garden in its productive season, they are ripening with untraceable fervor. In this, though, there was the voice of intuition. That soft, almost subconscious stream of certainty that comes to a wondering and racing mind. "Thank you for this!" I knew, then, that I would be fine because of the trust I would place in the process.

A quick breakfast at a locally delicious breakfast place - the Northside Kitchen - with a friend and coworker Jeremy, saw me exiting the Vail Valley with all my belongings packed semi-neatly in the van. With a warm smile on my face and in my heart, I glanced at the familiar scene I was leaving behind; the last image of yesterday's memory being the flag of our country, flowing vibrantly in the gentle wind of morning high above a shopping center parking lot - proudly displaying her sun-soaked colors of red, white, and blue abreast to my appreciative eyes and persona. What a great notion: freedom!

As the mountains passes came and went, the undulating terrain accompanying the many ups and downs were no less as spectacular as the last. Surely, Colorado is a beautiful state! Evidence enough to me that something far greater than we humans created such amazement. The mountains, standing strong in their post-storm state; begging for nothing, yet standing tall for everything beautiful in nature. How the wild white edges of their uneven tops sawed nonviolently at the vivid blue sky above; their stark contrast a loving shock to my happiness and level of stoke (see this article for more on stoke). Easily, I went from substantially stoked to stiked! Again: "thank you for this."

Arriving finally to Durango, nearly 6 hours later, I was greeted with warmer temperatures, and a scene familiar to me from my last visit in the Fall. My dear friend Luke, in wanting to keep up with his habits of health and leisure, invited me for a run along the Animas river near the heart of town. After a joyful and anticipated greeting, Luke and I set-off. Finding conversation topics easily, we chatted as we ran about work, about women in our lives, and of course about plans for the Climbing Zine's volume 5 release. Amidst the laughter and lightheartedness of the afternoon, I couldn't help but think how grateful I was for my journey here. Surely, that power that is was watching over me - knowing I'd make it to where I needed to be once I arrived. This notion of care was complemented when, post-run Luke and I went to Yoga class.

Practicing Yoga is like riding a bike: once you've mastered the basics, it all comes back, regardless of the downtime between your last practice. I appreciate that about this holistic activity. When I close my eyes today, I can remember the feeling of contentment, of happiness that I felt in class yesterday; again, coming back to my gratefulness for the clandestine guidance to this point in my life.


I am set to begin working sometime in April for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy as a driving escort. I am excited about this part time gig, as it will afford me time to let my adventurous and active lifestyle fly. Furthermore, the possibility for something bigger and career-like is predicted with a organization like Open Sky; not to mention the ability for Luke and I to take the Climbing Zine places it can go.

So, to you in your day, sitting here, now, reading this - or even looking at the pictures alone. I hope you are finding the subtle whisper of guidance from intuition - or that metaphysical sense that guides you outside of your self-created reasons - all while enjoying something that is wild and wonderful.

Ha, smiles to you in this!

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